Unapologetic Penny

Unapologetic – Launching 28th January 2022

Since Penny was a child she has dreamed of becoming a published author. In the midst of her first Dark Night of the Soul, in a flurry of despair, she began to write again after a 17 year self-imposed hiatus. ‘Healing the Torture Within’ became Penny’s healing manuscript, but it never saw the light of day publicly. In 2021 the manuscript was burnt as part of a releasing ritual Ross & Penny conducted – an energetic funeral for the Penny that was, so the Penny that is could rebirth.

In January 2022 Penny’s lifelong goal was realised with the release of the book Unapologetic – Shedding Inauthenticity to Become Uniquely You’. A multi author book by Australian publisher Ashwin Publishing. Unapologetic topped the Amazon charts reaching #1 in 15 categories in Australia, #1 in 5 categories in the USA and #1 in 2 categories in the UK.

In Penny’s chapter, ‘Beyond the Illusion of the Human Lies the Truth of the Soul’ she shares part of her story publicly for the first time – the defining moment of her journey home to her unapologetically authentic self. Her Soul.

It is because of her Journey, and the complete 360 degree life change that occurred that she birthed the vision for the Journey Home to Soul program and is passionate about others taking their journey home. Penny was alone walking her Journey and knows how much easier it would have been had she had guidance and support along the way. That is why Penny & Ross are so passionate about their program.

At 48 Penny finally achieved her lifelong dream, only possible because she dared to not give up and walked her Journey Home to Soul.

The humanness of me was a deceiving bugger. Misleading and constricting. It held the chains tight, forcing me to stay small. Controlled. Comfortable. It was uncomfortable for me but comfortable for those whom my presence affected.

My human found comfort in stories from the life we’d lived. The labels we’d accumulated along the way and the identity we’d created which enabled other humans to relate to us.

Adoptee. Childhood Trauma Survivor. Domestic Violence Survivor. Divorcee. Single Parent. Special Needs Parent. Defamation Victim.

Identities that were relatable to many became fodder for connection. That ensured my human stayed safe and small. Some could relate. All could empathise. Many couldn’t cope. The identities were valid labels. Much growth came from the life experiences my human traversed, but none of them were my birthright or what I arrived in this world as. Not one was my essence or my core. They were the experiences of my human existence—part of my blueprint.

Excerpt from ‘Beyond the Illusion of the Human Lies the Truth of the Soul’.
Unapologetic Book Project by Ashwin Publishing.
Authored by Penny Hockings.
Penny reads live an excerpt of her chapter ‘Beyond the Illusions of the Human Lies the Truth of the Soul’, as part of the Global Unapologetic Book launch Facebook group on the book launch day.