“I honesty could not imagine more heart centred loving facilitators, you both made it extremely safe to share from the heart. I could feel your compassion, your willingness to help and support even when we were not on the zoom call.”

“My hope is that it adds value and healing to others lives”.

“I’m excited for you both and I acknowledge you both for the work you do for the collective healing.”

“The astrology aspects of the program were interesting and often shared mine with my partner and reflected on them each week. I haven’t done much astrology so I enjoyed learning about myself more via this wisdom.”

“I love being in this group especially with you both bringing your incredible knowledge to us! I love how you do things for us like our star signs individually – that was awesome! I also love sitting in circle with a man – this has been profound for me!”

“I was extremely blessed in my darkest night to have Penny manifested into my life and through Penny her wonderful partner Ross.  Individually the depth of knowledge, awakening and healing these two have to offer is incredible.  Together they are a force of such beautiful energy. 

I have journeyed with them through trauma and fear feeling so safety held in ritual, love, compassion and understanding that even as an autistic adult it was so easy to trust, feel and express.  Safe in their beautiful container and knowledge”. 

“I highly recommend Penny and Ross to anyone and everyone looking to Seek.  They have been so full of care within the container, as well as checking in on Seekers that may have had some new revelations to process throughout the weeks.  Completely open and available to all their Seekers when you need them the most, you could not be in safer hands to go there and sit in the uncomfortable. 

Please invest in yourself, your future and your future generations and Journey with Penny and Ross, you won’t regret it!”

“It’s rare to meet someone and feel immediately drawn to the dynamic energy and power they hold, but that is exactly how I felt when I first met Penny. While listening to her speak with a deep reverence about the importance of sisterhood and holding space for others, I decided to join her fortnightly women’s circle as I was in desperate need of connection. This was a magical experience where I connected with many different women from different walks of life through a safe and loving container. Each circle was enveloped in ceremony with traditional protocols of respect at the forefront. As well as being reverent, they were also deeply healing, allowing me the space to laugh, cry, rage, shatter and build myself up again. 


After participating in her fortnightly women’s circles I decided to reach out on a more personal level for grounding techniques and advice for energy work. I was met with a warm and loving virtual embrace, along with explicit tips for what I was needing help with. I knew in that instant that Penny held a wealth of knowledge that surpassed this one life time and spanned across many disciplines. Safe to say I quickly booked a one-to-one healing session. This was a monumental decision and a moment paramount to my healing journey and quest for faith. It honestly led me down my own road of healing where I have participated in many programs to come back to myself”.

“I really believe Ross is very powerful and has a lot of wisdom, is connected to the earth and humanity. I enjoyed working with Ross as he is accepting, humble and provided a space for me to come as I am. 

 That’s really important to me as I struggle to trust men and can be very skeptical. I have never felt like that working with Ross because he is truly there to assist the person heal.

If I could describe it as a colour and form it would be like a golden and silver blanket that makes people feel at ease. My skepticism quickly faded when Ross could visualise everything that I was seeing at the exact same time, and the shifts I had after the work we did around my family was monumental. A lot of things changed for me and patterns of behavior and who I was allowing into my energy changed.

I also love sitting in ceremony with Ross as he creates a gentle and sacred space where honouring of each other and all connection is paramount. I’m grateful Ross is a part of my journey and I’m really looking forward to doing more work in the future”. 

“How beautiful a gift you and your story to this world continue to be. You have, since we crossed paths, inspired me to show up even more. Might I say Unapologetically as Me. You have and will always continue to be a powerfully inspiring soul influence in my life. The courage to face my fears not knowing the outcome,  to you I pay my deepest respects. There is something truly deeply mystical and powerful at work with the souls you cross paths with”.

“I consider Penny a dear friend, sister, mentor, teacher, healer, motivator and someone who I trust with my life. Someone who has encouraged me to remember my truth and to remember that home begins and ends with me.”