Soul Weaver Journey

Soul Weaving is the art of remembrance, the conscious choosing to reweave the frayed threads of your fabric of life with the golden threads of your soul.

Penelope Hockings, Soul Weaver

Soul Weaving isn’t your traditional personal coaching, it is a gentle journey into your soul. It is the conscious choosing to remember who you are beyond your human experiences. Who you are as a soul, your truest Self, the authentic expression of your heart, free from the influences and burdens of your human journey.

As you traverse your human life you’re unconsciously weaving your fabric of  life. From birth until death you continually weave your fabric with threads from all your life experiences. Your fabric of life is multicoloured, multidimensional, patterned, knotted, twisted, smooth and rough. It is as unique and diverse as you are.

Soul Weaving looks at your fabric of life and the areas that you want to repair, alter, mend or smooth out. Soul Weaving doesn’t destroy your fabric of life, it enriches and beautifies it using the truth and integrity of your soul essence. It brings you back to a place of remembrance of your soul’s wisdom and purpose which gets lost, subdued or completely forgotten in our busyness of being human.

Benefits of Knowing Your Soul.

The Soul Weaving Journey is limited to the intimacy of 15 people. Each month we will meet in sacred circle and safely discover and explore the areas of your soul asking to be remembered. During the month you will receive additional resources to deepen your journey.

What’s Included?

  • Monthly group calls (2 hours)
  • 1:1 Soul Weaving Session with Penelope (x2)
  • Monthly bonus resources – audio/video/written materials including meditations, practices and rituals, self-reflection deep dives, playlists for integration and other content as relevant.
  • 10% discount off other workshops and events facilitated by Penelope.

The Soul Weaver Journey is for you if:

  • You are desiring to live more fully from your soul.
  • You are committed to your soul growth and expansion.
  • You are ready to know, receive and embody your soul essence.
  • You desire greater freedom from your humanness and its limitations.
  • You are dedicated to raising your vibration.
  • You are open to listening to the voice of your soul.
  • You long for daily connection to your soul as you traverse your human experience.
  • You want to release the dense energies from your physical body.
  • You are tired of existing and want to live fully with passion driving your energy.
  • You choose to live with greater freedom, joy and inner peace.
  • You open to giving unconditional love to your self first.

Why Work With Penelope?

  • I have walked my journey home and am committed to my soul’s ongoing growth.
  • I create transformation change in my life and in others’ lives.
  • I thrive on witnessing people coming home to their authentic self.
  • I am a capable teacher and humble student, always learning even when teaching.
  • It is my soul’s gift and purpose to be a Soul Weaver.
  • I am passionate about guiding and supporting people to know and embrace their soul and truest essence.
  • It is my soul’s work to help people remember their soul and unshackle from the limitations of their humanness.
  • I have healed my physical dis-ease and dis-ability from reweaving my human experiences to uncover the wisdom of my soul.
  • I have deep reverence and respect for the sacredness of this work and my personal responsibilities as a Soul Weaver.
  • I hold space for others with deep integrity and create a safe space free from judgement and projection, that encourages vulnerability and the freedom to show up in your truth.

Dates & Times

Two Group Session times will be scheduled to accommodate participants who can only attend evenings. Daytime sessions will be 10am to 12pm and evening sessions will be 6 to 8pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time – Brisbane timezone). All calls are recorded and shared only with journey members.

One on One Sessions will be scheduled with participants individually. Please note the dates below are subject to change based on participants in The Journey.

Investment Exchange

We believe everyone has the right to personal growth and development and all our programs, workshops and events reflect our view. We structure all our offerings with different investment exchange options based on the participants personal circumstances. We do not offer discounts for full payment upfront and we do offer regular payment plans for all participants. We believe in accessibility, equal access to education and in supporting community without judgment or prejudice.

The Supporter – For those financially secure with plentiful financial resources. Supporters’ contributions assist others less financially resourced to participate. $999 for the 12 month Journey ($83.25 per month).

The Sustainer – For those financially comfortable on mid level stable incomes. $750 for the 12 month Journey ($62.50 per month).

The Community – For low income earners, with caring responsibilities or facing difficult financial circumstances. $500 for the 12 month Journey (41.60 per month)

Three payment options are available – Pay in full upfront, pay 3 quarterly instalments or pay monthly.

To Register

Registrations are now open, with a maximum of 15 spaces available.