Ross Duncan

Ross is a Certified Master Practitioner of Rapid Core Healing and an Advanced Facilitator of Family Constellations. Ross has the compassion and ability to guide your healing of family lineage and childhood wounds that are stunting your personal growth then guide your path back to purpose, and knowing yourself in wholeness

in 2016 Ross discovered Family & Systemic constellation work. The experiential training under Yildiz Sethi also shifted a lot of personal blocks as I completed over 300 hours training in Family Systems Constellations & Emotional Mind Integration, to become a Master Practitioner of Rapid Core Healing plus an extra 75 hours training in Gestalt & Hypnosis. Ross is based in Redland Bay and has his own private client base across the greater Brisbane SE Qld region.

Kindness and compassion are now a large expression of how Ross views the world. He recognises that everyone on this planet is carrying wounds, hurts, traumas from past – much of which is inherited from family lines, the beliefs of others (school, religion etc). Whatever a person has been exposed to in their formative years. Their personal biology.

Ross is a compilation of all the life experiences that have taken place in his journey. He is forever growing, expanding and changing at his core. 

Ross now approaches life and his interactions with others from a calm loving heart space, rather than his head. Self-reflection is a practice Ross dedicates time to daily, offering him the ability to extend compassion to others even when their emotional state rises. This deep reflection enables Ross to hold space in a non-judgmental, loving and safe way when he works with his clients. 

Through his life experiences Ross now has a deeper appreciation of the importance of love and connection. He believes that it is core to living a fulfilling life.

Ross’ life journey has provided him with a deep connection to the natural world – to everything and everyone. Son of a 4th Generation Farmer and My mother Eldest daughter of a 4th generation Stone Fruit Orcharding Family 

Ross grew up on a sheep and cattle farm in New Zealand, nestled and surrounded by mountain. He witnessed profound changes in the four seasons, the cycle of life and death, all the while surrounded by a large and extended family in his small rural community all connected and looking out for each other. 

Ross is an explorer and adventurer of land but also life. He is constantly open to new experiences for his greatest good and the collective uplifting of others.. He actively seeks better ways to be. 

Ross is passionate about helping others to be the fullest version of them selves through healing from trauma. He is also actively involved in numerous Men’s organisations supporting Men to be their authentic selves in the face of society pressures and expectations. 

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