Remembrance is for those wanting to gain or expand their wisdom and incorporate the ways of old into their every day life, spiritual practices and/or personal growth journey. The wisdom shared is not aligned to a singular lineage or path. Remembrance is offered as a foundation for participants to expand, make their own, delve deeper if they choose, and follow a path if they are so drawn. 

Remembrance is a six month journey exploring the ways of old. We will meet every two weeks online, with additional communication in between. This is a hands on program with experiential activities, written materials, rituals and ceremonies, sharing circles and optional deep dive resources.

  • Creating sacred space. Setting the Altar. Ethics, Honour & Responsibility. Opening & Closing. Cleansing, Grounding, Centering & Protecting energy.
  • The Power of Intention. The Energy of Words. Embodiment & Energy. Laws of Magick and Karma. Timing. Numerology.
  • Summoning & Working with the 7 Elements.
  • Moon Wisdom, phases, ritual and energy. Waxing, Waning, New and Full moon in depth.
  • Know thyself. Who Am I? The 5 senses in ritual. The Seasons & the Body.
  • Manifestation. Intuition. Channelling. Sacred Silence. Knowing without Knowing. Divination.
  • Guides, Gatekeepers, Totems. The Animal Kingdom. Nature’s Nurture.
  • Symbolism. Correspondences. Tools of the Trade. Sacred Objects. Sacred Plants.
  • Gods. Goddesses. Deities. Mythology. Archetypes.
  • Seasons & Celebrations. Wheel of the Year. Ancient traditions & rituals.
  • Working with Energy. Personal Energy Signatures. The Chakras.
  • Planning & designing effective rituals.

The Journey begins Wednesday 31st January 2024 and finishes 17th July 2024. The fortnightly Zoom gatherings will be recorded and available for all participants.

Tentative timing is 6-8pm AEST.

Tentative dates are: 31st Jan, 14th & 28th Feb, 13th & 27th Mar, 10th & 24th Apr, 8th & 22nd May, 5th & 19th Jun, and 3rd & 17th Jul 2024.

Final dates and times will be confirmed with registered participants before we commence.

We believe everyone has the right to personal growth and development and all our programs, workshops and events reflect our view. We structure all our offerings with different investment exchange options based on the participants personal circumstances.

We do not offer discounts for full payment upfront and we do offer regular payment plans for all participants. We believe in accessibility, equal access to education and in supporting community without judgment or prejudice.

The Supporter – For those financially secure with plentiful financial resources. Supporters’ contributions assist others less financially resourced to participate. $999 for the 6 month Journey (12 sessions).

The Sustainer – For those financially comfortable on mid level stable incomes. $750 for the 6 month Journey (12 sessions).

The Community – For low income earners, with caring responsibilities or facing difficult financial circumstances. $500 for the 6 month Journey (12 sessions).

Three payment options are available – Pay in full upfront, pay 3 bi-monthly instalments or pay fortnightly.

To Register

Registrations are now open, with a maximum of 20 spaces available.