The Elements

The program is delivered through a multi level approach which includes: 

Pre-Program Workshop “Who Am I?” 

A pre-program SELF exercise where the outcomes form the basis for your individual journey through the program. This will be done online in a one day workshop with other participants. If a participant can not join the workshop they will be sent details via email once registered.

2-hour Weekly Zoom Circle. 

The weekly circle will include teachings, sharing, and an experiential practice based on the week’s topics. There are 8 circles per Pillar. 

Audio and Video. 

Various audio and video resources are included throughout the program including journey audio resources. 

Comprehensive written modules (PDF files). 

Weekly written materials expanding on the circle teachings, practices, playlist, suggested reflections and optional ‘deeper dives’.

Deep Dive. optional modules each week. 

Every week you will have an optional module for you to dive even deeper within the topic of the week. 

Embodiment Practices. 

Practices to help integrate and enhance the teachings. 

Experiential Activities using Rapid Core Healing modality. 

At various points in the program Ross will conduct experiential activities based on his expertise in the Rapid Core Healing modality. 

Infusion of Shamanic and Spiritual Practices. 

To deepen the teachings, experiences and healing, the program infuses shamanic and spiritual practices in every module. Penny and Ross work with a variety of different tools in everything they do as they understand the power of multi-layered rituals. Some of the tools include deities, animal medicine, music & movement, crystals, journeys, chakras, mantras, elements, colours and more. 

Visual and Video Resources. 

Graphics summarising the week’s key teachings, themes, mantras and embodiment practices. Videos of the weekly circle and other teachings

Additional Support from BOTH facilitators

For the duration of the program Penny and Ross provide extra guidance and support outisde of the weekly circle – Two Soul Guides not just one!

Private Facebook Group

Access to the private group of other participants, to connect, ask questions, share experiences and to access program related content. (If you don’t use Facebook we will provide other options). 

Weekly challenges and Self-Love Practices. 

Optional challenges and suggested practices to deepen the week’s teachings and connect deeper with your soul.