Program Overview

The Journey Home to Soul program has been developed by Penny and Ross using their lived experiences and the wisdom gained along the way. The intention of the program is to support and guide participants to move from their human way of existing (mind) back into their soul way of living (heart) – to help them find their own answers.

Journey Home to Soul is an investment in your SELF. It is a commitment of time, energy, vulnerability, self-love and honouring. It involves diving deep within to release the impact of your human life experiences and rediscover the soul you were born with.

Detailed information on the modules for each Pillar can be found here.

It is a program of transformational change. Change that is permanent, and at times confronting, yet liberating. It requires you to honour the process, transformation and integration and so The Journey is offered in four stages based upon The 4 Pillars of SELF © – Surrendering, Evolving, Loving and Feeling.

Each Pillar is an eight week intensive journey. We are only opening 8 places in each Pillar. This is to ensure an intimate circle for everyone involved, the opportunity to get to know each other, and so Penny and Ross can support and assist the group at a 1:1 level if required.

Pillars will not be run concurrently or in quick succession. This is really important so as to honour the transformation process. It is the integrity with which we offer the program.

If you are committed to making significant change it is recommended you journey through all four Pillars in order. Each pillar is scheduled to run over the course of a year, with sufficient space in between each Pillar to ensure adequate integration. A significant saving is offered for upfront commitment to the full Journey.

If you prefer to take your time you can journey one Pillar at a time. You can also choose multiple (2-3) Pillars upfront, in any order you prefer. A saving is offered for upfront commitment to multiple Pillars.

The program has been structured to allow various options to suit different needs. If you don’t see an option that works for you, please contact us.

The program is delivered using a variety of methodologies, summarised below. For a detailed breakdown visit here.

  • Pre-Program Workshop “Who Am I?”
  • 2-hour Weekly Zoom Circle.
  • Audio and video resources.
  • Comprehensive written modules (PDF files).
  • Deep Dive. optional modules each week.
  • Embodiment Practices.
  • Experiential Activities using the Rapid Core Healing modality. and shamanic journeying.
  • Infusion of shamanic and spiritual practices.
  • Key Message Graphics.
  • Private Facebook Group for participants only.
  • Weekly challenges and Self-Love Practices.
  • Not 1 but 2 Mentors supporting and guiding you.

There are a range of options available to participants depending on their stage of Journey, personal circumstances and their desire to dive deep.

  • Commit upfront to all four Pillars of the program.
  • One Pillar from Surrendering, Evolving, Loving or Feeling.
  • Two or Three Pillars from Surrendering, Evolving, Loving or Feeling. Note – if you are considering three Pillars it is more cost effective to do all four pillars.
  • Only 8 places per Pillar are available.

The Journey Home to Soul program is a deep dive program where participants who ‘show up’ will change the trajectory of their life. Moving from the Human Operating System to the Soul Operating System requires commitment and the willingness to be vulnerable. Coming back to our Soul, home to our SELF, is achievable but it isn’t necessarily easy.

We are experienced energy alchemists who have done the ‘hard yards’ to come back to our soul. We have walked the Journey and all its meandering paths, so we know not only the enormous benefits, but also that the road can get long and windy at times. The difference with the program’s Journey is the participants are not alone and are supported by Facilitators who have been in their shoes. The program is everything we have learnt along the way and also includes experiential practices in our areas of expertise.

Journey Home to Soul is not a program where participants are talked at and left to it. It is also not a program where we will tell you your ‘issues’ and give you ‘solutions’. We guide you to find them yourself and support you as you navigate the new terrain. So consider, is the program for you? We really hope so as we are super passionate about this work and watching participants grow and evolve!