Penelope Hockings

Penny’s passions, interests and client work is wide and varied, a reflection of the life she has lived.

She is a Authorised Civil Celebrant, an Energy Alchemist, an Intuitive Channeller, Journey Home to Soul Founder & Co-Facilitator, Published Author, Sacred Ritual & Ceremony Facilitator, a Soul Weaver Mentor, a Trauma Guide, and a Wisdom Teacher.

Authorised Civil Celebrant

Penny is an Authorised Civil Celebrant, appointed by the Attorney General’s department. Penny officiates numerous types of civil and personal ceremonies including funerals, marriages, renewal of vows, handfastings, commitment and naming ceremonies. As a writer Penny offers her clients a unique and personal service to reflect their needs, while ensuring legal compliance (for marriages). Weaving ceremonies for her clients is a great honour and privilege for Penny, a role she takes very seriously.

Journey Home to Soul Co-Facilitator

In 2021 Penny founded the Journey Home to Soul. program – a transformational program that guides and supports people home to their authentic soul essence. The program is a deep dive into the essence of who a person truly is, not the human conditioned version they falsely believe themselves to be.

Soul Weaver

Penny works with men and women, both 1:1 and in small groups, as a Soul Weaver. One of Penny’s unique gifts is the ability to see and feel the invisible blueprints of connection in a person’s life and intuitively know what they need in order to shift, clear and heal. She is passionate about people living free from the baggage and trauma of their lived experiences and returning to the fullest essence of their soul.

Trauma Guide

Penny is an expert in trauma. Not the textbook kind of expert, but the lived experience expert. The first 46 years of Penny’s life contained a lot of trauma – Adoption, Childhood Abuse, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Miscarriages and Divorce to name a few. Penny’s physical health suffered significantly as a result of her unhealed trauma, until she finally began the journey home to soul and cured her Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in the process.

She now works 1:1 with people (or in small intimate groups) to help them heal and recover from their life experiences. Penny is very passionate about her work as a Trauma Guide and believes NO-ONE should be living with trauma.

Sacred Ritual & Ceremony Facilitator

Ceremony & Ritual is extremely important to Penny and is incorporated into her daily life. She shares her wisdom with others through Sacred Women’s Circles, mixed Soul Circles, Workshops and within her client offerings, She also is a herbal alchemist creating custom blends of herbs and flowers for a multitude of uses. Penny is deeply connected to the animal kingdom and the recipient of numerous animal’s medicine which she honours through the creation of ceremonial tools and in her ceremonies. Penny has extensive experience in ceremonial work and it is an area of her greatest joy.

Wisdom Teacher

Penny’s belief is that the wisdom we each contain within us is intended to be shared. She firmly beliefs our soul’s purpose is to take the wisdom gained from our human life experiences and share it with those who need to receive it. In addition to her client work she also facilitates a wide variety of workshops, sharing her wisdom and teaching the tools she used to transform her life.

Energy Alchemist

As an Energy Alchemist Penny knows how to work with energy and her personal energy signature not only in client sessions but in her daily life and her own healing and growth. Understanding energy and how to harness it’s power has been the greatest key to her personal healing. Knowing her personal energy signature has assisted Penny to shift and clear the trauma imprints from her physical body, completing transforming her life 360 degrees in all areas – Mind. Body. Soul.

Penny has formally trained in a number of energy modalities and areas, including Reiki, Advanced Crystal Healing, Sacred Architecture of the Light, Medical Astrology, Colour Therapy, Holistic Healing etc. but no energy alchemy sessions is ever the same as it is always determined by the energetic connection between Penny and her client. Penny works with her intuitive guidance, feeling body and her spirit team when working with clients.

Intuitive Channeller

Penny is highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. She uses her intuition daily, not only in her client work. Penny receives channelled written messages and intuitive art drawings from her spirit team.

Published Author

In January 2022 Penny achieved a life long dream by becoming a published author, in the multi author book ‘Unapologetic’. Penny was one of 16 other women who each contributed a chapter to the book, outlining their journey home to their authentic self. Penny’s chapter was ‘Beyond the Illusion of the Human Lies the Truth of the Soul’.