Is It For You?

If you’re looking for a quick fix program that tells you the problems and solutions without anything required of you then Journey Home to Soul is NOT for you.

Journey Home to Soul is an intensive program where we guide you to look at your life in detail and help you identify where you are misaligned with your Soul. Where you are existing in your Human Operating System and not living from your Soul Operating System.

It is an at times confronting dive that will significantly change your life – if you commit to showing up for YOU. Penny cured herself of the ‘incurable’ Fibromyalgia from doing this work, and she birthed the program because of it. So we know from experience that doing the work produces life altering results. It is not lip service.

We have both signficantly changed our lives from the journey’s we separately took before our union and this collaboration. We are passionate about supporting others on their journey’s because we know firsthand the benefits.

In considering your investment in The Journey ask yourself:

  • Do you feel disconnected from your life? Lost? Overwhelmed? Alone or like you don’t belong?
  • Are you wandering aimlessly in the mundane day to day, existing but not living?
  • Are you dimming your shine, playing small, hiding the truth of who you are?
  • Are you people pleasing to fit in, belong, be loved and accepted?
  • Do you sacrifice your needs, desires and dreams to appease others?
  • Are you desiring more from life?
  • Does it feel like something is missing or you are craving more, desiring change?


Then chances are you’re living a human existence but your soul is calling you to a better way of being. Your soul is calling you home. Home to your truest essence, your soul truth, your fullest expression of self where your purpose and passion awaits you.

How The Journey is unique.