The 4 Pillars of SELF

The Four Pillars of SELF are: SurrenderingEvolvingLovingFeeling. All four pillars are critical elements of the journey home to our soul.

Pillars stand alone, but together support the whole, each important in their role.

Pillar 1 – Surrendering Program. What keeps us from our Soul? What do we need to surrender to create the change we desire? What do we need to let go of in order to thrive?To find our Soul we need to surrender our humanness. We need to look at our life with honest eyes and identify the impact our humanness and lived experiences have had on us. Understanding and acknowledging, without judgment, the impact assists us to move forward, change our trajectory and evolve back to our Soul.

By humanness we mean – our unhealthy ego, our conditioned responses, the labels society identifies us with and subsequent roles we adopt from them, our dominate thinking mind, our fears, the judgements and projections from others we have absorbed. All of which cause us to become adept mask wearers – the external image we create in order to fit in, be loved, achieve perceived status in society.

We spend our human existence seeking to belong and externalise the responsibility of that belonging into the hands of others. We ignore our self. Our internal wisdom. Our true essence, nature and way of being. We seek approval from others instead of aligning with our heart. The Surrendering Pillar guides participants to look at their life and how their humanness has impacted them, and how they can realign to their soul.

Pillar 2 – Evolving Program. What helps us grow? What helps us shift the energy trapped within from surrendering our humanness? What helps us evolve from our Human Operating System to our Soul Operating System? To evolve from our human to our soul we need to look at our operating systems, choices, desires, thoughts, family history, influences and our internal relationship with SELF.

We need to discover who we are without our humanness and understand our soul and all it offers. We need to develop our curiosity around a better way of being – existing versus living. We need to look at where we seek external approval, knowledge, connection, acceptance and love. Once we know we can look at how to correct the misalignment – an important part of the Journey Home to Soul program.

To do that we also need to understand what our soul is, its’ essence and wisdom, and develop ways of connecting into our soul so it becomes the dominant operating system.

Pillar 3 – Loving Program. How do we love SELF more? What do we need in order to love our SELF? If we do not know how to love ourself freely how can we possible love another unconditionally?

There are many definitions of love, many different types and many different ways of saying and showing love. The Journey Home to Soul is about the love within for our SELF.

Love is the Soul’s Operating System. The human experience of love is that it is conditional – we must meet certain criteria in order to receive it. The soul is pure unconditional love – our heart. The soul experience of love is “it just is”. The soul is within us, and therefore the love within must be given to our SELF before we can give it to others.

The ‘Loving’ Pillar looks at all the elements of loving SELF and practices to help us shed the impact of Surrendering and Evolving so as to come in to Loving union with our soul.

Pillar 4 – Feeling Program. What helps us feel our soul? How do we feel our soul? How do we express our soul? Core to all 4 Pillars of SELF is the understanding everything is energy.

When we understand energy, know how to use it and what our personal energy signature is, we alter our feeling body inside and out. We flow from our Soul Operating System.

Understanding energy and how to use it effectively provides us the ability to create change quickly, to shift heavy energy from within our physical vessel, and remove trauma energy sitting stagnant in our body which shows up as dis-ease and dis-comfort.

E-motion is energy in motion. There is a distinct difference between e-motion and feeling, although they are often used interchangeably.

E-motion is the energy and we often apply our thinking mind to it, assessing and evaluating. When we use our feeling body we avoid the stories and the self criticism/assessment.

Feeling comes from the heart (our soul) and when we apply feeling to e-motion we are able to shift or absorb the energy depending on it’s density.

The ‘Feeling’ Pillar is an in-depth look at energy and how to recognise, understand and work with it easily and effectively.

These are The 4 Pillars of SELF which accompany the Keys to SELF taught within the program. They are the foundation upon which the 4 programs have been developed. You can choose to do one, two or all of the programs but it is not mandatory – it is your choice. The content has been designed to be relevant irrespective how deeply you chose to journey with the program.

The choice is yours for the journey is yours.

Personal and unique just like your soul.

Penny & Ross