Gender Conversations

Gender Conversations

When we refer to gender we are intentionally referring to male and female. Gender Conversation is a mixed circle of men and women, with the intention of discussing issues specific to gender.

We welcome participants who identify different to their gender at birth.

Penelope & Ross

Gender Conversations is a monthly sharing circle of men and women of all ages and walks of life. It is intentionally a mixed circle, created for the purpose of providing a sacred space for everyone to be honest, vulnerable and authentic in raising gender specific topics for the purpose of exploration.

Toxic Masculinity and Femininity, The Patriarch, Feminism – they’re all terms we are hearing more and more frequently. What do they mean? Are they valid? Or are they divisive? Do we feel safe to speak freely, or does our gender hold us back? What does it mean to be female? Male? How can the opposite gender help our gender to grow, expand, heal and learn? What have you always wanted to know that only the opposite gender can provide insight into? There is so much to explore together.

So much is gained, and deep healing possible, when we have the courage to speak our truth openly and when we allow ourselves to receive the sharing of another’s’ truth. Often we will turn to our gender for guidance, an ear and for wisdom. Gender Conversations is about breaking down the barriers, bridging the gap and bringing both genders together for connection and sharing. Coming together in a mixed circle we often realise each gender faces similar issues, from a different perspective.

Join us each month as we explore what it means to be our gender, the challenges we face, the conditioning and beliefs we carry, and our experiences with the opposite gender.

When men and women come together in the safety of a sacred circle and its operating protocols, deep wisdom is offered and received, and healing is possible. So much can be gained from listening to the experiences of others and in allowing ourselves to receive other perspectives.