The Facilitators

Penny and Ross are passionate about sharing the wisdom from their personal journey’s so others can reclaim their souls and in doing so their joy, love and compassion.

Penny Hockings

Penny lived for 44 years mistakenly identifying her self by her stories. Penny knows first hand the power of stripping away the human conditioning to uncover the soul within. She cured the incurable Fibromyalgia from diving deep within her soul and coming home to her self.

Penny is a Soul Weaver, Energy Alchemist, Trauma Guide, Intuitive, Medicine Woman, Trauma Guide, Sacred Architect of the Light Practitioner (in training) and published author. She is founder & co-creator and co-facilitator of the Journey Home to Soul program, and is an authorised civil celebrant –  a muggle way of weaving her magic.

She works with men and women in a variety of ways, including through sacred circles and 1:1 Soul Coaching.

Penny nurtures, guides and supports others on their transformational self discovery journey to live fearlessly as their soul is intended. She empowers people to reclaim their authentic self, their expression, and inner knowing.  She draws from her vast medicine bag to tailor unique solutions for each individual. 

Her business website is here.

Ross Duncan

Ross embarked on his self discovery journey after experiencing a lot of grief & loss – passing of close mates & his parents, divorce, separation from his beloved children, material loss and identity loss. Ross’ major identity crisis left him disconnected from him self.

Ross now lives each day committed to his beliefs, his knowing of self and with a passion for working with people to remove the energetic imprints of their life experiences so they can live with love and joy.

Ross is a Master Practitioner in Rapid Core Healing and Family Constellations and works with Ancestral, Childhood and Trauma healing, Personal Timelines, 1:1 Soul Guidance and Mentoring and Astrology Blueprints. Ross also works with men in a variety of ways. His business website is here.

Other Ways to Work With Us

As well as working together on Journey Home to Soul, Penny and Ross each have their own businesses specialising in a variety of different healing modalities, personal mentoring and other services. You can find out more here.