Deepening into Crystal Wisdom

Deepening into Crystal Wisdom

Deepening into Crystal Wisdom is an in-person workshop exploring the wisdom of Crystal Kingdom. 

Deepening into Crystal Wisdom topics include:

  • Crystal Grids – A hands on experience creating crystal grids.
  • Master Crystals – What are they and how to identify and work with them.
  • Crystals and the 7 elements.
  • Crystals and the 5 senses.
  • Crystals and the Chakras.
  • Crystals in Healing.

This is an intermediate workshop. The introductory workshop ‘Introduction to Crystal Wisdom‘ is a separate workshop. Both workshops can be undertaken separately, or as a combined workshop.

  • One Day Workshop (6 hours)
  • Light Lunch
  • Bonus resources – written materials and other content as relevant.
  • You desire to deepen your work with these precious gifts from Mother Earth for the benefit of your mind, body and soul
  • You are open to receiving the wisdom of the Crystal Kingdom.
  • You desire to deepen your spiritual practices and gifts.
  • You are committed to your soul growth and expansion.
  • You want to cleanse and enhance your etheric field.
  • You desire greater freedom from your humanness and its limitations.
  • You are dedicated to raising your frequency and vibration.
  • You long for daily connection to your soul as you traverse your human experience.
  • You want to release the dense energies from your physical body.
  • I have worked with crystals for over ten years and continue to daily. I have seen and experienced the change they create in people’s lives.
  • I have extensive wisdom to impart and believe it is part of my purpose on this journey.
  • I am committed to my soul’s ongoing growth and to supporting others in theirs.
  • I create transformation change in my life and in others’ lives.
  • I am a capable teacher and humble student, always learning even when teaching.
  • I have deep reverence and respect for the sacredness of this work.
  • I hold space for others with deep integrity and create a safe space free from judgement and projection.

The Deepening into Crystal Wisdom workshop will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2024 from 10am to 4 pm. The Introduction to Crystal Wisdom workshop will be held on Saturday 20th January 2024.

The event is hosted at a private residence in Thornlands (QLD). Address, navigation details and further event details will be sent to ticket holders prior to the event.

We believe everyone has the right to personal growth and development and all our programs, workshops and events reflect our view. We structure all our offerings with different investment exchange options based on the participants personal circumstances. We do not offer discounts for full payment upfront and we do offer regular payment plans for all participants. We believe in accessibility, equal access to education and in supporting community without judgment or prejudice. 

The Supporter – For those financially secure with plentiful financial resources. Supporters’ contributions assist others less financially resourced to participate. $250

The Sustainer – For those financially comfortable on mid level stable incomes. $188

The Community – For low income earners, with caring responsibilities or facing difficult financial circumstances. $125

If you enrol in both the Introduction to, and the Deepening into, Crystal Wisdom workshops the two day workshop pass is $400 (Supporter), $300 (Sustainer) and $200 (Community).

Please note: Registrations are limited to a maximum of 15 spaces .