Curing the Incurable

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating neurological condition which research has shown is often caused by childhood trauma. Later in life another traumatic event, over a prolonged period, reactivates the Fibromyalgia within the body. Fibromyalgia affects everyone differently.

In 2013 (aged 40) Penny was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a Rheumatologist. She was living in a permanent haze of brain fog, barely able to function as an individual let alone as a full time single parent to two young children. She had chronic fatigue which meant she was constantly needing to sleep. She had chronic all over body aches, pains and stiffness. She was unable to exercise, socialise or work. She was reliant on external support services to help her with the basic needs of her family.

Her first Rheumatologist put her on a cancer drug (methotrexate). No tests, no intervention, no looking at the cause of her symptoms, just prescribing of a heavy-duty drug which made her even sicker.

Penny’s second Rheumatologist asked about her childhood at the first appointment. Bingo – the cause. He acknowledged the connection between childhood trauma and Fibromyalgia but then prescribed less heavy-duty medications, full body scans annually, fortnightly blood tests for three months and regular appointments. Band-aid solutions and no permanent solution addressing the cause he knew was responsible for Penny’s dis-ease.

Penny put on 20kgs of weight from the medications and existed for six years as a shell of her former self. Self-isolation, withdrawal from life, self-loathing, financially insecure as she couldn’t work etc. etc. etc. She blindly followed the mainstream medical professionals with no change in her condition or lifestyle, in fact it worsened.

In 2019 Penny began her personal work on SELF in earnest. She had previously done things here and there, including training in a number of energy modalities and connecting to her spiritual beliefs, but another significant life event catapulted her deep into her Journey Home,

A number of healing modalities incrementally helped Penny but the biggest change occurred when she did a number of sessions of Rapid Core Healing. By the third session her Fibromyalgia symptoms were completely gone and they have never returned.  She is no longer taking a cocktail of prescription medications, is physically active again, has lost over half the weight gained from the medications, and is actively engaged in life as a parent, partner and individual. Life is completely different.  She is walking proof of the power of energy work to heal from traumatic life experiences.  

When we ignore our shadows we build upon the energetic imprint with each recurring trigger and traumatic life experience. Doing so results in the shadows controlling our life and it can cause significant physical harm. Penny’s Fibromyalgia diagnosis claimed six years of her life, robbed her children of their Mum, and caused additional health complications. Penny reclaimed her life when she realised she could shift the energy by addressing the cause. Fibromyalgia no longer impacts Penny – a fact many health professionals would try discredit! She is living proof of the life altering transformation that can occur when you face your shadows and shift their energetic imprint.

Acknowledging the trauma is the first step, and what most therapies look at. Synthetic medicines are also often prescribed, which have a place but won’t remove the energetic imprint, they only numb it and the physical response to it. Once you understand the cause of the trauma you can then understand it, heal it and remove the energetic imprint.

Pharmaceutical medicines and talk therapies mask the symptoms of trauma. It leaves them to grow and fester, building the impact on our body. To fully heal from trauma the energetic imprint held in the body needs to be released from the body.

To clear traumatic imprints the energy needs to be shifted from our subconscious and our neurological pathways rewired. This is done through energy work (such as Rapid Core Healing) and embodiment practices which delve gently into the subconscious and addresses the energetic imprint of the trauma.

Many a ‘mainstream’ medical professional will tell you it is impossible to cure Fibromyalgia. All the research states it is about managing it, not curing it – that it is incurable. Talk to an energy worker and they will tell you different because they’ve seen it with their own eyes and understand the energetic imprint trauma leaves within our body.

Penny desperately wanted to break free from the prison she was held captive in for six years and because she had an understanding of energy work from her own training, and had tried all the mainstream recommendations to no avail, she was open to other options. The end result is a 360 degree lifestyle change of magnificent proportion and Penny rediscovering who she is and what she loves. She cured the incurable and is passionate about spreading the word so others can gift themselves the same freedom, peace, love and joy,