Intentions or Resolutions?

The human world we live in is based around a calendar year, with heavy emphasis placed on the end and start of it. As 31st December draws closer we begin to refocus our attention towards setting New Year Resolutions for the year ahead. A new calendar year brings a change in numerology, and the restarting of the astrological year, all of which causes a definite energetic change. Harnessing the changing energy and setting a New Year Resolution is a good foundational energy, but we miss a powerful opportunity when all we do is set a resolution and only focus on it once a year.

Often our New Year’s Resolutions are based on what we want to change, what material success we want to achieve, or what physical improvements to ourself we want to make. Very little thought is given to the energy of the words we chose in making our resolution, or our soul’s essence & wisdom and how that can be incorporated. We also neglect to consider the ways we can work with our resolutions all throughout the year.

As a Soul, linear time doesn’t exist and is a human constructed reality. Yes as a human we are impacted by linear time, but as a soul we aren’t restricted by it.  Our Soul exists outside of the linear time of our humanness and therefore allows us greater freedom to work with intention all throughout the calendar year, not only at the start and end of it. Embracing the new numerology and astrology energy present with a new calendar year is a good starting point, but it is limiting to only work with your intention at one time of the year.

Journey Home to Soul helps people focus on operating less from their Human Operating System and more from their Soul Operating System, so how can we deepen the human ritual of New Year Resolution setting to have greater impact at a soul level?

1. Call them Intentions rather than resolutions.

The dictionary meaning of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not do something”. The dictionary meaning of intention is “a thing planned or meant, an aim or plan”.

Considering these words from an energetic perspective – Resolutions have both a positive/light energy (to do) and negative/dense energy (not do). They have the flexibility of choosing to do or not do, which weakens the energy of the words chosen. While your decision may be firm, the emphasis put on doing or not doing energetically carries less weight than the energy of intentions which are definite statements of positive/light energy. They contain a stronger energy than resolutions because they are planned and intended.

While it may seem minuscule the difference between the two words, energetically it is important because words are energy and they individually contain a vibration that when combined into statements of intention are potent. Choosing intention which carries a solid positive energy, over resolution which could be framed in a positive or negative light, is important energetically.

2. Remove the words New Year.

In removing the focus of New Year you acknowledge that your intentions are worked with all year round and are not a ‘set-and-forget’ action undertaken at the change of a calendar year. 2023 Intentions energetically creates a stronger energetic vibration than New Years Resolutions. It is clear and specific.  

3. Take time for Reflection.

Before setting your intentions for the incoming year, take the time to reflect with honesty on the year that is closing. Acknowledge the challenges & successes; the wisdom gained & the growth opportunities available; consider the departures & arrivals of people and things and the change that occurred because of them. Sit with the moments that bought you joy as well as the moments which bought you grief. As you reflect acknowledge and give thanks and gratitude to ALL the year presented you with. Reflection allows for closure and assists with setting your intentions for the year ahead.

4. Ensure your Intentions are specific.

Each individual word in your intention carries a unique energy vibration. Your 2023 intentions can be singular words or they can be intention statements. Either are potent energetically.

If you create statements of intention be specific with your words and the order you structure them in. What is it you want to achieve? By When? In what way? How does it align with your soul? Who or what will benefit from your intention? What is the intended outcome? If you choose a number of individual words keep them as separate words when you write them or work with them.

5. Review your intentions from an energetic perspective.

When you read your intention/s aloud how does your body feel? Does it resonate or is there discomfort? Does it flow or did you falter or hesitate when reading it? Does it feel strong in your body when you read it aloud, or does it feel fluffy and light? Do you trust and believe what you have written, or does it feel like lip service for the sake of setting an intention? Be honest with what you feel within your body – the body never lies and it will tell you what is a strong energetic intention and what is not. Refine your intentions until they feel solid and strong within your body when spoken aloud.

6. Bring your intentions to life

Once you have your intention/s consider how you can bring them to life for ease of reference, reflection, remembering during the year. Drawing, painting, craft, writing, visual representations, symbols, sigils – there are many different ways to bring to life your intentions so they are accessible all year round. Bringing them to life also enables ease of inclusion into any rituals and ceremony you do throughout the year. Every time you work with your intentions you strengthen the energy of them.

7. Create a Ritual or Ceremony

Initiate your intentions with a ritual or ceremony where you speak aloud your intentions. This doesn’t have to be laborious or elaborate, although it can be. Consider where and how you can include your intentions into other practices or rituals you already do. If you have an altar, how can you include them? If you work with plants, herbs, crystals, sacred tools etc consider how you can include your intentions. The possibilities are endless.

8. Consider how to work with them

Daily reflection of your intentions is a simple, yet powerful, way to build the energy of your intentions. It can be as easy as reading them to yourself or if you have created an artistic representation of them gazing into the art can reinforce their energy.

Working with the moon cycles, astrological movements and the seasons are powerful ways to enhance the energy of your intentions.

New moons are a time for setting intentions, making plans and for reflection. Full Moons are a time for clearing, releasing and letting go.

Knowing your sun, moon and ascendant planets in your birth chart further enhances the energy of your intentions by providing opportunity to refine, enhance, reaffirm your intentions in alignment with your personal astrology.

The seasons also carry specific energy. Summer is a time for growth, celebration and abundance. Autumn is a time of change, harvest and appreciation. Winter is a time for rest, regeneration, renewal through inward reflection. Spring is a time of new life, growth and opportunity.

9. Revisit your intentions at times of challenge.

As human beings our life is guaranteed to throw us challenges throughout the calendar year. When you experience a challenging time revisit your intentions. Refocus your attention on the energy of your intentions and consider how the challenge you find yourself in may relate to your intention. When we work with intentions we are creating soul growth and development, which isn’t always light and playful energy but can provide useful guidance in times of challenge.  

10. Experiment and Explore

Find what works and doesn’t work for you. Be gentle and kind to self when exploring how intentions work for you. There is no hard and fast rules, trust in your soul’s knowing and flow with what resonates and let go what doesn’t. Experiment and explore what works for you without self criticism or judgment. Listen to your feeling body and what it tells you.

When you understand that everything is energy you become more consciously aware of the power your words carry, and how deliberately choosing specific words as your intentions generates a very specific energy vibration. When communicated, worked with, ritualised and bought to life the vibration you create with your words (intention) is externalised as a frequency. The frequency emanates into the external world, which includes the unseen world AND tangible human world, and like a magnet attracts frequency which resonates.

Intentions carry a deeper energetic depth when they come from the place of our soul. When we connect within to that which our soul requires for our growth and development and formulate that into our intentions our words carry a vibration that manifests into our human reality. When we understand our words are energy our choices are more potent and we are more consciously aware of how we choose to use them. Our intentions tell the unseen world/universe/Source what it is we chose to invest our energy and linear time in. The power of our words is often underestimated and devalued for the impact they have on our life and our ability to manifest our reality.

Published by Penelope Hockings

I am a Soul Weaver, an Authorised Civil Celebrant & Ceremonialist, a published Author, teacher and student of the Soul. I am an intuitive psychic and channeller and I am here to help people reconnect and remember their soul and who they are beyond their human form.

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