Afflictions of Judgement

Judgement is an ailment of being human. Like labels and conditioning, we are subjected to judgement from birth and throughout our human lifetime. Some judgement is useful (light energy), and some is detrimental (dense energy).

At birth we are judged (and labelled) as within the ‘normal’ range based on an extensive list of criteria. This can be useful for identifying medical conditions or deficiencies which medical intervention can assist with. At school we are judged (and labelled) based on our academic performance, and supported or guided based on where we meet education criteria and standards. In our employment we are judged against other applicants to ascertain the best fit for the role and employer based on their criteria and needs. These are a few examples of where judgement has a specific purpose and can be beneficial.

However there is another form of judgement which is detrimental to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The judgement made about us by others and judgement we place on ourself.

That judgement comes from a place of fear, insecurity, ignorance, ego, confusion and defensiveness. It comes from our wounded self. Our shadows. It is where we apply our personal experiences and opinions to another person or situation. We also apply it to ourself! When we externalise that judgement we project it onto others, thereby passing onto them our judgement for their consideration.

Judgement hurts and is a dense energy that comes from our Human Operating System. Judgement has the power to uphold the saying “Hurt people hurt people”, thereby perpetuating the judgements and wounds and rippling out from impacting one person to impacting many. It can be very easy to judge others because it deflects from us having to look within ourself at what is causing us to judge others. It defers our personal responsibility by deflecting it onto another, often in a harmful way.

We have all been judged over and over in our lifetime. Living with conscious awareness enables us to better reject the judgement of others and to choose discernment over judgement in our own behaviours, but sometimes judgement can catch us off guard.  Who it is from, where we are at energetically, what is occurring in our environment and many other external influences, all impact our ability to accept or reject judgement.

One of the areas of judgement I receive regularly is that I carry “a lot of trauma”. People look at me, based on what they know of my life journey, and forecast who I am, how I will react, why I am the way I am, and many other assumptions. All based on what they know about my journey and what they know about trauma.

Medical professionals did it for years and their solution was a cocktail of medications. Medications that served a purpose initially, but did nothing long term to resolve the trauma energy sitting within my body. Medications that numbed rather than faced my trauma so I could retrieve the wisdom and clear the trauma imprint.

What is lacking when people judge me based on my life experiences is the inclusion of the extensive work I have done to clear my trauma. In looking at me through the lens of my past experiences they ignore the full picture and the fact that while those experiences occurred in my life I am not those experiences or their trauma. Who I am today is vastly different to who I was at the time of those experiences. They make assumptions based on their personal knowledge of trauma and apply it to my life experiences. They make assumptions on why I behave the way I do, respond the way I do, have emotions or values the way I do. In assuming, they are not seeing me. They are in fact looking at me through the eyes of trauma, which blinds them to the person sitting in front of them.

This is what happens when we judge others. We make a lot of assumptions and we can inflict pain on others which isn’t theirs to carry. It is not just judgement from others either, we often judge ourselves the harshest. In the same way others judge us we can do that to ourselves based on what we accept as our reality, what we take on from others and apply as our truth.

I know for years I listened with complete trust to the medical professionals telling me what I needed, why I was the way I was, what my trauma had done to me that I needed to understand and learn to live with. My blind willingness to accept their judgements, based often on medical research, placed me neatly in a box of maintenance but also perpetuation. I believed I was my trauma. I judged myself as being “too hard”, “too much of a burden”, “too damaged”, “too complex”, “too… anything and everything”. None of which was kind or true. The fact it had come from trained professionals and was based on clinical research made me digest it without any discernment and judge myself even harder.

Judgement is very different to discernment. Discernment is the consideration of your soul, your inner voice of wisdom, your physical body’s communication with you, and looking at people or situations from a place of “what does it mean for me”. Looking within. Discernment is the Soul Operating System and looks within for answers. Judgement is the Human Operating System and it externalises for others to find the answers. Discernment reflects. Judgement projects. Discernment clears dense energies. Judgement perpetuates dense energies.

Judgement wounds and can cause us to suffer in our relationships, life and well-being. Using discernment allows us to love without conditions, to have compassion even if we lack the understanding. Being discerning in what we take on from others and how we judge ourself allows us to honour our authentic self and our needs. I have no doubt that the way I am today was influenced by my trauma BUT it is in a positive way. My trauma doesn’t own me, it helped me to uncover my authentic self – my soul and its truths. That is not to say I don’t continue to learn from my trauma, there is deepening layers of understanding constantly as that is soul growth. Trauma helped me to see who I am as a soul. It no longer controls me and hides me away broken and in pieces. So when I am judged by my past trauma it prevents the person judging me from truly seeing me. When I do it to myself it prevents me from seeing me.

Judgement is a very limiting human condition.

Like everything in our lives we have a choice. Consciously choosing to reflect on our judgement of others and self, allows us to choose a better way and reject judgement. It empowers us with the truth that “judgement from others is a reflection of them, not of us” and it is not ours to accept. It is for the person judging to reflect upon and grow from the wisdom it offers. When we unapologetically choose to be our authentic self we will still be subjected to the human ailment of judgement – BUT  we consciously choose not to listen to or accept it.

An ever deepening and ongoing process of soul growth.

“We can refrain from making judgment of our self and others,but we cannot control other’s judgement of us, only how we respond to it”.

Published by Penelope Hockings

I am a Soul Weaver, an Authorised Civil Celebrant & Ceremonialist, a published Author, teacher and student of the Soul. I am an intuitive psychic and channeller and I am here to help people reconnect and remember their soul and who they are beyond their human form.

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