The Energy of Words

In recent weeks I’ve been challenged by a misalignment between my energy within and the spoken outward words. I’ve been conflicted with expectations I’ve placed on myself from the expectations/guidance of others.

My mind (the humanness) tells me I need to be ‘doing’ x,y & z to maximise the opportunities.

My energy within (the soul) tells me a different wisdom. It tells me no, not yet, not now. It is not the time for doing.

My human argues it is the perfect timing, you’ve been working for months towards this moment now.

My energy doesn’t align with my mind. It continues to say NO.

When you know your personal energy signature, your intuition and your feeling body speaking without words, you recognise misalignments easily.

The trap is allowing the human need for ‘doing’, for pleasing others, for control, compliance, love and acceptance to dominate.

When we ignore our energy and follow our mind, the words we speak contain the energy of deception, falsity and dishonesty. The receivers of our words will unconsciously receive that energy, irrespective the pretty/perfect and well constructed words we utter.

There is the misalignment.

Whether the receiver is consciously aware or not, they will receive the deception of our words and the mind driven outcome we seek will not occur, or occur with disastrous results.

Our words carry our energy – even when the words we choose speak a different version of our internal energy.


When we choose to speak only with words aligned to our personal energy signature, without regard for the external expectations of others, or our conditioned responses we’ve learned on our life journey, then our energy and words are aligned with truth, integrity and authenticity. The receivers will feel that truth and will fully hear our message. Alignment will occur with ourselves and the receivers.

There is zero value in doing and speaking for the sake of it, or because others tell us we must or we’ve wasted the ‘opportunity’.

Words can be deceiving.

Our personal energy signature is always our soul truth.

Alignment of our words and energy achieves our intention.

Misalignment between our energy and words does not.

I choose to align my words with my energy. Despite the mind battle it at times creates when I listen to others instead of listening within.

I trust that when my energy & words are aligned my intention will be received in the integrity with which I utter them.

Published by Penelope Hockings

I am a Soul Weaver, an Authorised Civil Celebrant & Ceremonialist, a published Author, teacher and student of the Soul. I am an intuitive psychic and channeller and I am here to help people reconnect and remember their soul and who they are beyond their human form.

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