The Childhood Conditioning of Our Identity

Posted by Ross Duncan

Our sense of self is formed in early childhood. through the human conditioning we receive 

As newborn babies we come into this life taking on the world around us, or more so we take in everything in our surroundings. Downloading “Everything” through all our 5 physical senses! From birth to around the age of 7yrs old biologist and former stem cell scientist  Bruce Lipton discovered  children of this age group are in a delta state, delta is the state used for adult hypnotherapy! 

All this External Input becomes our conditioning, our beliefs ,our sense of self is shaped by the world around us. This human conditioning comes from many external forces, forming our view of the world around, how to adapt so we would be accepted, fit in, feel loved. Our inner narrative, the false identity we take on, from all our external experiences of life, impacting our self-identity and our self worth.

 Our automated responses and reactions, our unconscious patterns continue to contract or expand us, depending on the experiences we encounter. Our life moves forward, shaped from those formative childhood years. We learn to conform and instinctively modify our behaviour in accordance to the demands of others. With our survival, our basic needs, dependent on others we surrendering much of our true nature, leaving us with a lost perception of who we really are.

.Starting with our parents, or primary caregivers, our family lineage, schooling, community, the religion our parents followed, the cultural background we grew in and the influences of grandparent’s old culture if they or their parents immigrated, The Political structures they left due to War or economic hardships. The treatment and conditioning we are receiving from outside of our self. As we grow learning to fit in this becomes a pattern of surrendering our true nature to almost all others, who are physical larger than us

Taking on an identity that has come from outside of ourselves, We grow up listening to our parents views on many things, often believing what they are saying as truth without question, if we do question may find we are at the end of punishment or Love is withdrawn. In conforming to the beliefs of others we take on their beliefs as our own, become falsely identified with other peoples beliefs. Subliminally installed over the top of our true nature. In our quest for Love, connection, a sense of belonging. Human beings are naturally social creatures who require Love and connection.

As we grow into adults we then take on many roles, son or daughter of, mother, father, partner. Our careers can define us, conversations with others often begin with “so what do you do for a job”?, “Hows work”? “Whats your name”? does not tell the other who you are or what lights you up, excites you, makes you feel alive! 

This conditioned sense of self spreads unconsciously from generation to generation, much of our operating system becomes inherited from the generations who came before us, who also had injured this enculturated social conditioning.

What do you really identify with? Going beyond conforming to keep the peace or not stand out, beyond pleasing or submitting to the expectations of others? 

Let’s release the cause of false identities, conditioned beliefs, at the core of their embodiment which deep in your subconscious store house,

Roles soften, masks peel away, space opens to rediscover the uniqueness of your true nature, ”Who you truly are” so you can shine and bring forth your “why am I here”? becoming free of the old conditioning

At Root Cores using Rapid Core Healing find the cause of the effects of all this conditioning at its suppressed layers of the subconscious .Safely expressing and  releasing what is not serving our highest purpose, our greater good. blocking the sharing our gifts, reclaim who we are ” I am Free to be Me” followed up by tapping into your unique Astrology blue print as a source of guidance to reclaim of your true nature

Published by Penelope Hockings

I am a Soul Weaver, an Authorised Civil Celebrant & Ceremonialist, a published Author, teacher and student of the Soul. I am an intuitive psychic and channeller and I am here to help people reconnect and remember their soul and who they are beyond their human form.

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