Rebirth Weaving

Drawing & words by Penny.

The strands of life entwined around the soul,

Stretching.Tightening.Binding and contracting.

Pulling on the loom.

Wefts of grief, loss, abandonment and betrayal.

Woven among the soul’s warp of love, creation, wisdom and compassion.

Birthing strands pure white in clarity, innocence and hope.

Discoloured by life’s experiences.

Under. Over. Sideways. Downwards. Upwards.

Each strand pulls upon our loom.

Weaving the fabric of life in each our unique way.

With each life strand our creation births.

Multi coloured reflections of joy,







Abundance and lack.

Our identify forming with each thread we weave.

In patterns our story told.

Pulling threads from the bobbin of external influence.

Interwoven among the threads of our soul.

Combining at times in unity.

At others against the grain.

Dents in our design.

Unnatural, yet part of our full creation.

Our soul, the reed, unconsciously woven among varying threads of life.

Present yet unnoticed.

Resetting the fabric along our journey.

It shines through in moments. Pulls against in others.

Golden threads among the kaleidoscope of life.

Dark embellishments – the challenges of life.

Trims – the defining moments.

Shaping us for who we have become.

Colourful threads – triumphant occasions.

Scattered across the textile woven.

Yarns of connection – those we meet along the path.

Interwoven in each pattern.

Stitched among the fabric.

Architecture of life unfolding.

The loom tightly holds each thread we weave.

Unconcerned the pattern unfolding.

Withstanding the weaver’s way.

Blindly we weave.

Configuring our fabric oft without care or conscious thought.

Threads and colours spiralling in and out.

The weft.

The warp.

The twisting loops of life lived.

On reflection of our creation, inspection the design we’ve weaved.

The golden threads visible meandering through the patterns.

Twisting through each story woven.

Calling to be noticed.

Conscious awareness brings the chance to weave again.

To review the patterns, colours, textures and threads.

Unpick the knots.

Unravel the filaments too tightly pulling.

Replace life’s overbearing fibres with the wisdom of golden threads.

Cutting the yarn of self-deception.

Softening the fuzz of confusion.

Redirecting the wefts that altered our patterns.

Reweaving the patterns of story, masks, conditioning and control.

Liberating golden threads, prominence exposed.

As we consciously re-weave our fabric loosens and softens.

The warp of love prominent once more.

Colours of freedom, passion, integrity and truth .

All intentionally chosen.

Weaving again with ease and grace.

Redesigning our fabric with honest, unapologetic intention and purpose.

Unravelling the falsities.

Knotting the strings of connections no longer required.

Entwining our wisdom, our eternal knowing from lives lived,

Our ancestral lineage, influences of the natural world.

Rebirthing the fabric of our life.

Infusing the couture of our soul.

Unpicking dark embellishments.

Uncovering golden threads.

Soul Weavers consciously re-weaving.

Rebirthing our creation.

Published by Penelope Hockings

I am a Soul Weaver, an Authorised Civil Celebrant & Ceremonialist, a published Author, teacher and student of the Soul. I am an intuitive psychic and channeller and I am here to help people reconnect and remember their soul and who they are beyond their human form.

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