Welcome Curious Soul

Transformation is certain if you’re willing to take The Journey of self-discovery.

We are all worthy of living a life of joy, bliss, passion and purpose. None of us deserve to carry the baggage from our life experiences –  the conditioning, false beliefs, behaviours, controls, masks, labels, stories and self-abandonment. Our human experiences and the baggage we carry leads to us accepting a false identity. and sense of self, misaligned to our Soul Truth and essence.

It can all be transmuted, and the energetic imprint released from our physical body, if we are courageous and honest enough to try.

Journey Home to Soul goes beyond the light of the surface,  taking you into your deepest layers, through the dark into the gold of your Soul Truths. It explores the strands of your humanness, helps you intimately know your soul, and provides guidance tools and experiential process to untangle the strands suffocating your soul and dimming your light.

Through deeper inquiry you will weave a new way of being, free from the limitations and baggage of your life until now.

Journey Home to Soul is a deep dive transformational program that guides & supports you in coming home to your authentic self. The Journey looks in detail at what is required to transition from your Human Operating System (mind) to your Soul Operating System (heart) and how to stop existing and begin fully living. It is a Journey that requires commitment, vulnerability and strength. It is a journey that looks at all aspects of your life until this point and guides you to the areas of change and growth. You will know yourself in intimate detail by the end of it!

Program Overview

Our Journey begins with the Surrendering pillar – surrendering our humanness, unpacking our bags, magnifying our personal timeline and answering ‘Who Am I? – or who do we THINK  we are (it is always different!).

Working with your timeline, personal astrology blueprint, Who Am I?, and archetypes, we move into the Evolving pillar –  re-balancing your soul and your human. We unravel the threads of our triggers, boundaries, patterns, judgements, reactions, ancestral wounds and generational trauma. We begin to re-weave your Journey with the strands of conscious shadow work, courageous vulnerability, personal power, discernment, authenticity and triumphant adversity.

Self-love is the key fibre weaved into Loving –  the third pillar of SELF. In unravelling the threads of limitation in Surrendering, deepening our understanding in the threads of Evolving, we begin entwining the threads of love, acceptance, forgiveness, balanced giving & receiving,  cleanliness, compassion , ease, grace, flow, gratitude, “I Am”,  trust, tribe, sovereignty, the energy of words,  power of intention and SELF-commitment-expression-love-ownership-worth and

Journeying into the Feeling pillar is the final threads we weave. Last but by no means least.  Energy is the thickest thread weaved here,  to knit all the other new threads together. Your soul exists within a feeling body and yet most of us are yet to fully discover the depth of feeling it offers. The final threads of your Journey Home to Soul look at body listening, e-motion versus feeling,  emotional mastery, energetic awareness, your personal energy signature, frequency and vibration, intuition, inner balance, soul wisdom, essence and  resonance,  stillness and presence.

The 4 Pillars of SELF

The Journey has four individual programs within it, based on The 4 pillars of S.E.L.F – Surrendering – Evolving – Loving – Feeling. Each program is 8 weeks duration and some of what is included is:

Program Inclusions

  • 2-hour Weekly Zoom circle of teachings and connection.
  • Audio and video
  • Comprehensive written modules (PDF files), including key message graphics.
  • Deep Dive optional modules each week.
  • Embodiment Practices.
  • Experiential Activities using the Rapid Core Healing modality and shamanic journeys.
  • Infusion of shamanic and spiritual practices to deepen the teachings, experiences and healing (deities, animal medicine, music & movement, crystals, journeys, chakras, mantras etc )
  • Personal Astrology Blueprint, Personal Timeline and individual Who Am I?.
  • Weekly challenges and self-love practices.

Penny & Ross – The Facilitators & Creators

Penny and Ross have both individually taken their own Journey Home to Soul and are passionate about guiding and supporting others to do the same. They know firsthand the transformation that occurs from The Journey and share their wisdom, their personal experiences, and their various healing tools and modalities throughout The Journey. Find out a little more about them here.

If you’re ready to commit to intimately knowing your soul beyond your human form and are committed to living a joyful, compassionate, loving life where your soul is in the driver’s seat then this program is for you.

Are you brave enough to dive deep within and find the treasure of your soul and change the trajectory of your life?

  • Anniversary Musings
    It is an anniversary of my soul’s journey into deep self-love. That is worth remembering.
  • Inevitable – Science and Soul.
    Talking about his soul choosing to walk this human experience different to many other souls is not only something I believe, but empowered my son in his uniqueness. In his strengths and wisdom, his “superpowers” rather than his limitations outlined by the science. It put the focus on him seeing himself, rather than spinning into anger, blame, frustration, hurt and hatred for the ‘cause’ of his Autism.
  • Death As Life
    death and change  are the greatest homecoming to ourself we can experience while we are living.
  • Intentions or Resolutions?
    As a Soul, linear time doesn’t exist and is a human constructed reality. Yes as a human we are impacted by linear time, but as a soul we aren’t restricted by it. Our Soul exists outside of the linear time of our humanness and therefore allows us greater freedom to work with intention all throughout the calendar year, not only at the start and end of it.
  • Release-Honour-Forgive-Commit
    Working with the energies of the different moon cycles is a powerful practice that can easily be incorporated into your soul work. The Full MoonContinue reading “Release-Honour-Forgive-Commit”
  • Forgiveness of SELF
    Forgiveness is not always an easy thing to offer, and to forgive yourself can be one of the hardest areas. More often than not weContinue reading “Forgiveness of SELF”
  • Afflictions of Judgement
    Judgement is an ailment of being human. Like labels and conditioning, we are subjected to judgement from birth and throughout our human lifetime. Some judgementContinue reading “Afflictions of Judgement”
  • Trauma Triggers
    Every human being on the planet has experienced trauma in one form or another. It is not uncommon to experience trauma unknowingly because trauma isContinue reading “Trauma Triggers”
  • Salvaging My Soul
    “Where’s your lighter”, my husband calmly asked with a red jerry can full of petrol in his hands. Our two young children sleeping peacefully unawareContinue reading “Salvaging My Soul”

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